20 August 2013

WLS 10.3.6 Transaction Logs in Database

Was talking to one of our local partners yesterday who's in the middle of an infrastructure build for FMW using a 3rd party cloud provider.  He mentioned he was looking at how to handle the JTA transaction logs for their HA requirements without being able to rely on shared storage being available.

I mentioned that we'd added support for storing the XA logs in the database in WLS 10.3.6, which should make both his initial setup, replication and recovery processes more straight forward.


You can configure a JDBC TLOG store to persist transaction logs to a database, which allows you to leverage replication and HA characteristics of the underlying database, simplify disaster recovery, and improve Transaction Recovery service migration. See "Using a JDBC TLog Store" in Configuring Server Environments for Oracle WebLogic Server.

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