19 July 2007

Le Tour on SBS

It's that time of the year, where here down under, for 3 weeks, many people are staying up late at night to watch the stages of the Tour de France, live.

A very big thanks to SBS television here for the superb broadcast they put on, covering every stage. Their TdF website has video podcasts of each stage, check it out @ SBS TdF Podcasts.

Sad to see Stuey and Mick Rogers go down, but Cadel Evans is looking strong, competing well and has a good chance of getting on the podium, if not better.

Have to admit that I'm glad I'm not in Germany for the next couple of weeks, where they've just cut the broadcasts because of the latest doping infraction. Now I can see that it prevents a big audience from getting exposure to the sport/event/sponsors .... but .. and perhaps I'm a little naive but I can't grok how really punishing the general viewing public achieves anything substantive. It'll make them pissed off perhaps, but how that will prevent a dodgy rider from taking the doping route, I don't get it.

Ride on!

10 July 2007

Doc bug in RemoveSharedLibrary ant task

There's a known documentation bug for the <oracle:removeSharedLibrary ... > task.

The documentation describes the attribute name for the version of the library to use as "version". Whereas, in reality, the attribute name should be "libraryVersion" as its defined on the ant task.

You can view the various attributes/properties of an ant task by running javap on the class and looking for the accessors.
>javap -public -classpath j2ee\utilities\ant-oracle-classes.jar

Compiled from "JSR88RemoveSharedLibrary.java"
public class oracle.ant.taskdefs.deploy.JSR88RemoveSharedLibrary
extends oracle.ant.taskdefs.deploy.JSR88BaseTask {
public oracle.ant.taskdefs.deploy.JSR88RemoveSharedLibrary();
public void execute() throws org.apache.tools.ant.BuildException;
public void setLibraryName(java.lang.String);
public java.lang.String getLibraryName();
public void setLibraryVersion(java.lang.String);
public java.lang.String getLibraryVersion();
The correct use of the task would be: