28 August 2009

OC4J Released

We published OC4J to OTN this week.

This is a maintenance release, but it has a sprinkling of new features that had been in the works for a while and have now made it into an official OC4J release.

Download location:


Updated Documentation:


Release Notes:


New Feature List:


I really like the small set of new features that have been added.

My pick of them, is probably the Peek utility. Peek provides a nice Web based front end for singing and dancing, all powerful, classloading functionality we've had in OC4J 10.1.3.x since its first dot zero release. Peek lets you drive easily around the classloading environment, visualizing the loader tree and letting you to drill down into it to see code-sources, packages, classes, etc. It also lets you execute the wide set of classloader queries we provide, directly from a Web browser. Really neat stuff.

There are also a set of new commands added to the admin_client utility, to support actions such as getting a listing of all deployed applications/web bindings, importing (and removing) shared libraries into applications, and a restart app command. Nice additions.

If you are still using OC4J and haven't yet moved over to the world of WebLogic Server, I reckon checking out OC4J would be worth your time.

24 August 2009

WebLogic Server in the Amazon EC2 Cloud

I've long been wanting to try the WebLogic Server AMI image on the Amazon EC2 Cloud, but haven't yet had a chance to do it.

The description for how to get started is here:


The Amazon Machine Image (AMI) repository where WebLogic Server 10.3 is here:


Has anyone out there given this a shot? What were your thoughts, how did it go?

20 August 2009

Hosted WebLogic Server Documentation Changes

Just received a note regarding changes that are occuring to the WebLogic Server online documentation.

As of Friday, August 7, 2009, all BEA product documentation currently available on the BEA online documentation site (edocs.bea.com) will be available on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Please note: Effective Friday, August 31, 2009, at 5:00pm PDT, the BEA online documentation site will be decommissioned.

The OTN URL for legacy WLS release documentation is:


The OTN URL for legacy BEA release documentation is:


History, Forms, JavaBeans and PJCs

Just came across an old document I'd written about using JavaBeans and Pluggable Java Components in Oracle Forms applications.


It's quite funny rediscovering old stuff that you'd worked on!

03 August 2009

Link to Oracle JDBC Javadoc

Maybe it's just me, but the javadoc for the Oracle JDBC drivers is not easily located on the Oracle documentation sites.

Finally, I found this JDBC page, which contains direct links to the javadoc for the various Oracle JDBC versions.

Oracle JDBC site

Oracle JDBC 11g R1 Javadoc

Oracle JDBC 10g R2 Javadoc