17 July 2013

WebLogic Server 12.1.2 Released

The WebLogic Server 12.1.2 release is now available for download from OTN.

Contains a raft of new features, check out the list in the What's New guide:


Lots of good stuff there, covering new development features as well as operational features such as dynamic servers, server templates and so forth.  

On one of my favourite topics I've written about here in the past, I'm pleased to say that the WebSockets implementation made it into the release.


This release of WebLogic Server adds support for the WebSocket Protocol (RFC 6455), which provides two-way, full-duplex communication over a single TCP connection between clients and servers, where each side can send data independently from the other. 

The WebSockets communication model occurs in real-time and promotes user interaction.

In WebLogic Server, you can use the WebSocket Protocol implementation and accompanying programming API to develop and deploy applications that communicate bidirectionally with clients.

For more information, including code examples, see "Using WebSockets in WebLogic Server" in Developing Applications for Oracle WebLogic Server.

Take a look at the developer documentation we have for it here:


The small API is documented and available from the main WLS API page:


Look for the weblogic.websocket package.

The ServerSent-Event feature that I'd described here as being under investigation didn't make it into the 12.1.2 release.  There are plans are to look at it again for the next release.

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