19 May 2011

First Adelaide Java User Group Session @ Oracle

Tonight sees the first time that the Adelaide Java User Group meeting is being hosted @ the local Oracle office.  

The session should be interesting with Derek Webber presenting on his area of expertise in Meta-programming with Groovy.

Meta-programming with Groovy

Meta-programming is a term to describe modifying code at runtime and is a very old idea in Computer Science. Groovy (now at 1.8) is a language that builds features directly on top of Java and aims to help developers be more productive. It’s meta-programming features provide a great number of opportunities to developers that are either really difficult to access or are all but impossible in plain Java. I will provide an overview of the Groovy Meta Object Protocol, along examples of what you can do with it. In particular it helps with:
  • easier reflection and adding behaviour dynamically
  • monkeypatching and extending existing 3rd party code
  • builders and domain-specific languages (DSLs)
For any local Adelaide folks interested in attending, the registration link is here: 

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