21 March 2014

Using JAX-RS 2.0 in WebLogic Server 12.1.3

Please note: this blog discusses WebLogic Server 12.1.3
which has not yet been released.

We've been working on adding some Java API updates to the coming WebLogic Server 12.1.3 release.

One that I think is going to be very popular is JAX-RS 2.0, which includes some useful new capabilities around filtering, interception and a really useful new client API.

 In the WebLogic Server 12.1.3 release we are providing this in the form of an optional shared-library that contains: the JAX-RS 2.0 API, a Jersey 2.x implementation, some common Jersey extensions such as media support and a utility that works to expose the JAX-RS 2.0 API to referencing applications.

To make use of it, developers first deploy the jax-rs-2.0.war shared-library from the $ORACLE_HOME/wlserver/common/deployable-libraries directory to the server (or cluster) then use it in an application by referencing it as a library using a weblogic deployment descriptor.

Using the library-name and specification-version attributes from the JSF library, an example of a weblogic.xml to use it would be (lines:8-11):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>  

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Awesome... and really Works! Thanks!