02 July 2012

JSF Managed Beans, @PostConstruct and CDI

In a similar vein to my last post, with this blog I'd like to try and raise the visibility of another bug that is being seen in a few different places, and for which there is already a patch available for it.

The basic issue here is that when an application is using JSF Managed Beans that in turn make use of the @PostContruct lifecycle annotation to execute some post-construction tasks, if the WEB-INF/beans.xml file is included and thus enables the CDI circuitry, the @PostConstruct method on the JSF ManagedBean is no longer invoked.

The good news is that if this scenario is part of your application design, then you can pick up and apply a patch for WLS 12c that will resolve the issue.

The relevant base bug # is 13703600 and the Smart Update patch ID is UXPH.  

From what I've read in the bug logs, we're also looking to include this fix in one of the patch-set-updates (PSUs) we are providing, so anyone that applies the relevant PSU should automatically get this fix.

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