21 June 2010

NetBeans 6.9 Released

I've been using NetBeans 6.8 quite a bit lately to explore new functionality in Java EE 6.

Just noticed on the weekend (somewhat belatedly) that their latest 6.9 version has been finalized and released.  At a measly 178mb for the core IDE with Java EE 6 support and an embedded GlassFish v3.0.1 server for the dev/test runtime, it sounds like a download well worth making.


rc said...

Indeed. NB is giving Eclipse a run. The only reason i stick with Eclipse at this point is because i know it better than NB and there's more plugins and language support for Eclipse.

Now that Oracle owns NB, I sure with we'd port JDev features to NB and dump JDev. That's solidify my switch to NB for primary use. But i sure hope it doesn't work the other way. It'd be a massive failure to eliminate NB.

Buttso said...

I can only go on what the public statements have been and that is we're continuing with all 3 IDEs. That said, I really do like NB and have found the engineering team to be really helpful and very easy to work with.