06 May 2010

JSF 2.0 Support in WebLogic Server 10.3.3

With the release of WebLogic Server 10.3.3 (now available on OTN) we have added support for JSF 2.0 by providing a JSF 2.0 shared-library that can be deployed and used with WebLogic Server.

The new JSF 2.0 shared-library is located here in a WLS 10.3.3 installation:


The shared-library name and spec/implementation version details are listed in the documentation here:


The JSF 2.0 shared-library follows the same model as the previous JSF libraries shipped with WLS, where it needs to be deployed and referenced using a >library-ref< in a WLS deployment descriptor by applications that wish to use it.

The JSF 2.0 library supports Dependency Iinjection of Java EE resources and the use of the Java EE 5 lifecycle annotations in Managed Beans as described in the specification.  This is done through the inclusion of a WLS specific class that implements the com.sun.faces.spi.InjectionProvider interface provided in the WEB-INF/lib/wls.jsf.di.jar library within the jsf-2.0.war shared-library.

We also continue to provide support for earlier JSF 1.2 releases.

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