24 August 2009

WebLogic Server in the Amazon EC2 Cloud

I've long been wanting to try the WebLogic Server AMI image on the Amazon EC2 Cloud, but haven't yet had a chance to do it.

The description for how to get started is here:


The Amazon Machine Image (AMI) repository where WebLogic Server 10.3 is here:


Has anyone out there given this a shot? What were your thoughts, how did it go?

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unclelonghair said...

I tried to install WebLogic 10.3.6 on an Amazon EC2 instance running Linux. First stumbling block was that it seemed that JDK was not installed, just JRE, so had to install that. Then installed WebLogic according to the README (pretty straightforward) but got stuck on this

<An error occurred while establishing a connection back to the adminstration server t3://...:7001 during startup. Since bootstrap succeeded check that t3://...:7001 uniquely identifies the administration server.
javax.naming.ServiceUnavailableException [Root exception is java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: The object identified by: '31' could not be found. Either it was has not been exported or it has been collected by the distributed garbage collector.]

I snipped my IP address out of that error message. I looked around for solutions to this problem which is reportedly to try different admin URL's or no URL, and I tried all varieties of that but had no joy. Today I'm going to blow away the instance and try again, maybe this time I will set up a remote Linux desktop and run the WebLogic graphical installation app.