18 February 2009

WebLogic Server Domain Builder

Have had to spend some time with the Domain Builder / Config Wizard combination this week. It seems like they provide a pretty useful capacity to build out a domain, which you can then run the domain builder over to produce a template, which you can use as a cookie cutter to reproduce it when needed. I confess I've barely gone beyond snorkel depth with it, but it looks like it could be pretty handy to reproduce setups, deploy sets of applications, etc.

Anyone got any feedback on its use in the real world?

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Chris Muir said...

For development purposes with WLS 10.3, in setting up separate domains/servers/machines, I found the Domain Builder/Config Wizard easier than attempting to do the same in the WLS console. It appears that the Builder/Wizard takes some defaults that the console doesn't, making it harder for beginners to setup the necessary "production-like" setup.