14 August 2008

Formatting OC4J access logs

OC4J can be configured to log its web accesses to a specified access-log file.

The format of the log entry can be customized according to the documentation here:


Some format tokens that are mentioned, but not really called out are $cookie and $header.

Using these tokens, you can ask OC4J to inject the specified cookie/header value into the access-log.

For example, if you wanted to log the value of the JSESSIONID cookie for each request, you'd configure the format string as follows:

<access-log path="../log/default-web-access.log" format="
$ip - $user '$request' $status $cookie:JSESSIONID" />
When OC4J runs, it will log entries in default-web-access.log according to the pattern that was specified: - 'oc4jadmin' 'GET /peek/ HTTP/1.1' 200 c2796b83b9d7a79cfa4c491792f6783fd64a00cd3a17d13548c189d8d6e6543f

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