07 November 2007

Application Supplied System Properties

We added a feature in the release which enables an application to supply its own set of System properties, which are added and removed to the global System property set as the application is started and stopped. The documentation for it is not extensive, but there's a how-to on OTN which walks through the use of it.

Check it out on OTN.

The System properties (name, value) are defined in the orion-application.xml descriptor provided with the application.

<property name="application.tax.rate" value="10" />
<property name="application.tax.code" value="AU" />
During deployment with ASC, the deployment plan editor can be used to view the set of specified System properties in the application. It can also be used to add, remove, edit the defined properties so they can be tailored to the specific deployment being performed.

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