11 October 2007

OC4J Ant Taskname Error

OC4J 10.1.3.x supplies a set of Ant tasks that enable operations such as application deployment, resource configuration and server lifecycle tasks to be performed.

The abridged history of the tasks is:
  • OC4J introduced the basic tasks
  • OC4J and later versions extends the set of tasks to support JDBC/JMS resource configuration options and server shutdown/restart tasks
The OC4J Configuration and Administration guide documents the Ant tasks.

However in the OC4J release several of the tasks are incorrectly defined in the antlib.xml and therefore not available using the names as described in the documentation.

The documentation is correct and shows how the tasks should be named. However if you use these tasks as documented you will get errors. The screen capture below highlights the specific differences.

The workarounds are either:

1. Revert to using the names as defined in antlib.xml for these tasks:

  • addDataSourceConnectionPool == createJDBCConnectionPool
  • addManagedDataSource == createManagedDataSource
  • addNativeDataSource == createNativeDataSource
  • testDataSourceConnectionPool == testConnectionPool
2. Update the /j2ee/utilities/ant-oracle-classes.jar!/oracle/antlib.xml to change the names of the tasks so they reflect the correct names as specified in the documentation:

Change: taskdef name="createJDBCConnectionPool"
To: taskdef name="addDataSourceConnectionPool"

Change: taskdef name="createManagedDataSource"
To: taskdef name="addManagedDataSource"

Change: taskdef name="addManagedDataSource"
To: taskdef name="createNativeDataSource"

Change: taskdef name="testConnectionPool"
To: taskdef name="testDataSourceConnectionPool"

A bug has been filed for this and a patch will be released which fixes the issue along the lines of option 2 shown above.

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