03 September 2007

My Turner Flux

It's distinctly not OC4J or Java related, but I'm so rapt with this that I just had to express it somewhere.

My long awaited Turner Flux MTB frame has finally arrived, after close to 6 months of waiting.

I've been gathering all the parts to put on it over the last few months, so its just about ready to get built up -- I've got a sweet collection of bits for it -- Avid Juicy Carbon brakes, Race Face Deus crankset, SRAM X.0 running gear, Mavic Crossmax wheel set, Thomson seatpost and stem and more. I've just found somewhere to pick up Fox F100 RLC fork which completes the bill.

I should be living in mortal fear of my wife looking closely at the credit card bills ... but she's a total champ about it all. I think she likes getting me out of the house or maybe its because I'm a much happier bloke after a ride.

Once the build it done, I may never find the time to post another blog entry

Stop that cheering ok! :-)

Upate Sept 11: all the bits and pieces are now in place and I dropped the frame and bits into Bio-Mechanics Cycles to get it built up. Prodigy Pete seems like a top bloke, who comes very highly recommended. I think the only thing I forgot to pick up was a set of handlebar grips. Luckily Pete had some on hand. I kind of forgot to get a saddle too, so I've scavenged the Fizik Aliante off of my roadie for the time being and will see how that works out. I then may either source a Gobi, or leave the Aliante on the Turner and get my Arione back from my mate to use on the roadie.

Update Sept 20: Here's my Flux fully assembled.

It's been out for a few rides already.

Having never spent any significant time on other dual suspension rides, I can't compare it to anything else. However just in its own right, the bike is utterly fantastic. Even on the first ever ride around the block, it felt immediately comfortable. You feel like you are one with the bike and in total control.

Taking it out on the trails, the most noticeable aspect is simply how it rides. Just point and go and the bike will take you wherever you want. It floats over rocks, roots, ruts as if they weren't there. It feels like it powers through corners with the amazing amount of traction you get from the active rear end. Landing from small jumps is barely even noticeable, which lets you keep a line much more easily.

The other thing that became really apparent after a few rides was that my lower back wasn't sore at all -- riding the hardtail and bouncing around all over the shop, after an hour or so my back usually tightens up. But on this, I just didn't feel a thing.

So far, it's been a totally positive experience and I can't wait to spend some more time on it.

Listening to:
John Butler Trio - Funky Tonight


Andy said...

Dude! That is going to be a sweet ride.

Buttso said...

Thanks, I really hope so. It really has been a patience inducing affair but hopefully, hopefully, hopefully tomorrow I'll get to pick it up, fully built out and take it for a spin!

Oh and of course, I'll post a few pictures of it as well :-)