02 March 2007

Oracle Instant Client is Instant!

I needed a SQLPlus environment recently to access the RAC DB I have running in a VMWare image.

I'd heard of the Oracle Instant Client, so I checked it out and man, it is dead simple. There's nothing quite like something just working as it is intended to.

To run SQLPlus as a client on Windows:

Download two zip files

* Instant Client Package - Basic Lite


* Instant Client Package - SQL*Plus


Once downloaded, extract them into the same directory -- which defaults to instantclient_10_2.

Then set PATH to include the directory.

And finally, set TNS_ADMIN to the directory where you have created and saved the tnsnames.ora file. I chucked my tnsnames.ora into the instantclient_10_2 directory so it was all contained.

Then it just works.



Unknown said...

Hi Steve, just found your blog and I like it ... and I like Instant Client too! I've written about it on
my blog too, where I also posted a little helper script that reorganises the Linux Instant Client installation a little to make it easier for C/C++ development (making it consistent with a full-blown client or server install).

Unknown said...

It may not 'just work'. You were simply lucky!

You need to ad something like:
set NLS_LANG=american_america.WE8PC850

to your script as recommeded by
(search for 'Before using an Oracle command line tool ')

Tony Eastwood

Buttso said...

Lucky is as lucky does I guess -- I've never had to set that to run any of our command line tools.