09 February 2007

Tug the Groovy Dude

My work buddy Tug is a zealot for all things scripting. He just loves Groovy and its compadre Grails.

He's just posted his first effort at adding support for Groovy to Oracle JDeveloper as a downloadable extension.

Check it out @ http://groovy.codehaus.org/Oracle+JDeveloper+Plugin

I just tried it myself and it makes creating and running Groovy scripts DEAD simple. Create a new Groovy Script file, script to your hearts content, then just click the big red Run button to execute it. Could it be simpler? Mate, well done!

So with the work we'd done a while back about using the GroovyMBean andthe OC4J MBeans set to create management scripts, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I added to the Groovy project, the library to I use to connect to OC4J (that in turn uses JSR160) and the admin_client.jar library from the OC4J distribution.

I then created a little Groovy script that connects to an OC4J instance and access an OC4J MBean to see if it'd work.

Clicked the Run button and BAM! It just plain worked. JDeveloper runs the script which accesses OC4J and uses its MBeans.

How schmick is that -- use JDeveloper to write management scripts for OC4J using the Groovy scripting language and OC4J MBeans.

Tug, you're now my legend of the day. Just for today, not tomorrow. :-)

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