31 March 2006

Accessing SVN from JDeveloper

Accessing SVN from JDeveloper

An update is now available for JDeveloper to support using Subversion as a SCCS. Awesome.

Get the update!

Now to get it work however you need to manually install both an SVN client and a Java bridge. Reportedly this will change once the plugin evolves. But in the mean time this is what I found.

There are two different versions of a Java client for SVN which you can use with the JDeveloper SVN plugin. You can configure one or both of these, and then select which one to use in a JDeveloper subversion configuration dialog.

1. Download and install the SVN client from http://subversion.tigris.org.

2. Either Download and install the JavaHL SVN bridge

Find svn-win32-1.3.0_javahl.zip on the http://subversion.tigris.org website and download it.

Extract it.

Locate the file libsvnjavahl-1.dll within the extracted javahl distribution and copy it into the bin directory within the SVN client installation directory.

3. Or download and use JavaSVN

Find the org.tmatesoft.svn_1.0.3.standalone.zip distribution on the http://tmate.org/svn/ website and download it.

Unzip it.

Find the javasvn.jar file within the tmate distribution and copt it into the %JDEV_HOME%\jdev\extensions\\oracle.jdeveloper.subversion.10.1.3 directory.

Now fire up JDeveloper

Select the “Subversion” option from the Versioning > Select Versioning System menu.

Select the “SVN Navigator” from the View menu.

Create a new SVN connection in the SVN navigator and away you go.

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