06 September 2005

Creating JDeveloper connections to OracleAS 10.1.3

Tip on deploying from JDeveloper

Deploying to an OracleAS instance from JDeveloper requires the creation of a connection to the target instance.

Using the Connection wizard, specify the Connection Type to be Oracle Application Server 10g 10.1.3. This ultimately constructs a JSR88 based connection to the desired server.

As you proceed through the connection wizard, step3 will ask you to enter the details of the target instance.

The hostname and OC4J instance name are obvious values.

But what about the OPMN port value? What does that value point at?

Well, what that is asking you for is the port setting for the OPMN request port. Since the OC4J instance is being managed by OPMN, it is OPMN itself that knows that the current port details are for the specified OC4J instance. So this connection model goes through OPMN to get the port values. Thus it requires the value of the OPMN request port*.

The default value used is 6003. Which is fine if you only have one OracleAS installation on the server. But if you have more than one installation, the OPMN request port of the second installation will be different.

In previous versions of the product, the only way to determine the OPMN request port was to actually open up the $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/opmn.xml file for the OracleAS instance you want to connect to, and look at the port attributes in the file.


With the actual 10.1.3 release, we have just implemented** a new opmnctl command to print out the port to use.

>opmnctl status –port

So all you need to do is to execute that command on the OracleAS instance you wish to connect to, and then feed that value into the JDeveloper connection details page.

*: The OPMN request port is a fixed port value defined automatically at install time. It doesn’t change over time. Unlike the actual OC4J RMI port which is allocated dynamically by OPMN when OC4J is started and is therefore subject to change if a port conflict needs to be avoided.

**: This command is not in the current Developer Preview 4 distribution. It will be in the production release.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! This helped me find the correct port (12401)!