25 August 2005

Admin user changes in OC4J DP4

Here are another couple of changes to be aware of with the OC4J 10g (10.1.3) Developer Preview release on OTN.

The default administrator username is now oc4jadmin.  In previous releases this was admin.  

The first time initialization routine that OC4J uses has changed so that on the very first startup of OC4J, you will be prompted to specify the password for the oc4jadmin user.  

We no longer ship the product with a password preset for the administrator of the product.  This password setting is only done on the very first startup of OC4J.

In previous releases you could just unzip the oc4j_extended.zip file and run OC4J as we supplied a default password for the admin user of welcome.  

To now change the password that has been set for the oc4jadmin user, you now need to use the j2ee/home/jazn.jar utility.

In previous releases, to change the password for the admin user, you would specify the –install option when starting OC4J, which would prompt you to enter a new password for the admin user.  The –install functionality has been removed from the product.

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